New Product Bulletin 2024-02-North American

New Product Bulletin 2024-02-North American One-Stop Solution: Get all your turbocharger and relation components from one supplier to save time and cost. Precision Engineered for Exact Fit - Each part is precision reverse engineered to meet exact OEM specifications for a perfect fit. High-Quality Materials: Our parts are manufactured using premium materials that ensure durability and longevity. Our Part Fits: Make Chevrolet Chevrolet Buick Chevrolet Buick Chevrolet 1 2 3 4 8G14-40M-A58 1931-010-058 1931-110-037 2099-010-129M Turbocharger Turbocharger Oil Line Turbocharger Oil Line Turbocharger Gasket 55574901,E55565353,860156,25198550,25199832,25201063,55565353, 860553,9508307,95516203,95516218,95524281,95527141,E25198550 25196807, 25198546, 25200946, 25200947, 55565395, 55580423, 55580424, 55592600 55569839, 55587854 55558112,55565348,90500560,55565351,55565352,55570704 No Jrone# Category OE# Model Cruze Sonic Encore Trax Encore Cruze Limited Year 2011~ 2015 2012~ 2020 2013~2022 2015~2022 2016~2019 2016 Liters 1.4L 1.4L 1.4L 1.4L 1.4L 1.4L Installation diagram of our parts Photos of our products 8G14-40M-A58 2099-010-129M 1931-010-058 1931-110-037 2